December 28, 2010

Colorful people and one-color people

I often see myself "categorizing" people. Pink people, gray people. I see the person and I can imagine what color they are.

Pink people are girly girls, with lots of make up, make up talk and not enough brains. Gray people are work-a-holics, that have no fun or that just gave up. Green people are eco-boring people, who can't have a conversation with you without trying to make you go vegetarian, and so on.

But there are some people who are not one color. The are a rainbow. The have their pink moments and their gray moments, they can be green for the length of a conversation and then go all red by night.

And that's how it is for books. Pink is for chick lit, red is for erotica. White for Chistian Fiction, black for horror, brown for mistery/suspense (for me anyways, don't ask me why)...

But how many books are just the color of the rainbow? They can go from comedy to drama in a few pages, be all horror, but have that little romance in it that makes it a pink-ish-black.

We always hurry to classify things and people, that's our nature - mine anyways - but we can't hurry. I don't like terror in general, but it doesn't mean I won't like ANY terror book. Maybe with the right touch, I'll like it - I like Dracula, I don't like books that are brainless terror, I leave that for the movies.

I don't like chick lit or anything that tells me women need their own literature and books, because they (we) are "special". That special, means different and that different means we need special care and sheltering and ... yeah no thanks. But it doesn't stop me from reading chick lit, hoping I will see a strong man character that doesn't sit and sigh for guys to protect and love her, but goes and gets whatever she wants. A pink-ish red book is cool. A gray-ish pink too.

What do I want to say with ALLLL this? Don't be so quick when judging a book as "too girly" or "too boy-ish" or "ew drama". Books surprise people, more than people surprise people. And that's a lot.

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