October 08, 2012

Free E-book - Nebador

Hello everyone!
Despite my missing posts, I am alive and well. Well, sort of. I have been working on my graduation thesis while working around 11 hours per day and attending 5 different classes, so I've been busy.
I've been reading, but not enough, and I've been writing my posts, just never getting around to finish them, so that's why you haven't seen posts around here.

But I do have something for you!

J. Z. Colby, the lovely author of the Nebador series has informed me that to celebrate the release of Book #6 or, as he puts it, the second trilogy of Nebador, the first book of the series is free for download in 3 different formats.

I've been talking about that series for a while now, my review for book #1 (the one for free, above) is here and if you want to hear more about it, browse my reviews here: Nebador tag, just be aware that there are reviews for the 5 books (I'm starting #6 next week) so if you read it all, there may be spoilers.