December 20, 2010

Review: The Last Will of Moira Leahy - Therese Walsh

Oh Moira, oh Maeve! So much love, so much hate, such a deep connection...
This review will be a bit off of my normal way, I'm sorry, but I really loved this book. And not just "wha an amazing book" but a strong feeling of caring and loving the characters and what they've achieved, how much they advanced, grown and changed.
I can't think of negative parts or possible issues, so forgive me! Forgive me if you read the book and find the issues that I, so in love, ignored, but my eys didn'r see them, the ugly is beautiful on the eyes of those in love with it.
The Last Will of Moira Leahy” is the first novel by Therese Walsh, american and a sweetheart.
I met Therese on a Facebook giveaway, named "let's make these books bestsellers" along with 50 oher writers, each donated 2 copies of their books and I ended up winning two copies of another author's book (Receive me Falling, read the review here), but I kept in touch with Therese, who ended up sending me two copies of her book.
I was a bit nervous before starting to read it, since drama isn't REALLY my favorite gender. Historical romances, Sci fi, fantasy, so much that I love, but drama... But  Last Will really caught me (wow really? Could barely notice it). The book tells the story of Moira and Maeve Leahy, redheaded twins, so alike and so different, in two moments, one through their childhood and early teen years and anoher following Maeve, after she lost Moira.
After a while, actually, way after half of the book, we find out what happened to Moira, although from the first page the impact it has on Maeve is obvious, she dyes her hair and does't look in the mirror, so she doesn't see Moira, she does't play the sax anymore (and she used to play it very well, and was recording a demo tape to send to recording companis) and doesn't listen to music, so she doesn't have to remember Moira (or at last that's the clearest explanation, but there are others).
When they were young, Moira was more shy and Maeve was more daring, more sensitive (could feel when bad things were going to happen), while the "After Maeve" as she categorizes herself, has no friends, is retracted, only works and works, having some sort of relationship only to Noel, who is the grandson of the owner of an antiques shop, but is "only a buddy" according to her, despite being clear that she does have feelings for him.
The story begins with Maeve finding, in an auction, a dagger, a Keris, that is just like the one she lost when she was a child, playing pirate, and she buys it, almost hipnotized. Noel is in Europe, looking for his mother and she can't ask him for advice, but strange things start to happen, like notes and books that show up  nailed to her office door and she starting to dream and remember things she doesn't want to remmber. And then she goes to Rome. I won't tell how or why, I think that's part of the fun, or what happens there, as it would be major spoiling.
Do I have to repeat that I loved the story? Moira and Maeve have such a beautiful relationship and so different from After Maeve that you wonder what happened and under which circunstances she lost Moira or why her mom acts very irrationally and never goes to isit her, for example.
When we meet Noel and see his interaction wth Maeve, we pity them both, because they are both so troubled only because they can't let go, they can't move on... For wanting so bad but being afraid of wanting, because wanting hurts...
Well,  don't want to talk about the plot anymore, I don't want to spoil it, but I can tell you rthat it managed to suprise me, I imagined something and something else happened, which doesn't happen often,  can usually, at least, have an idea of what's happening....
But I really wanted you to feel this emotion, the characters are so real, so plausible, you can touch them, feel them, imagine them daily, you can see characteristics of people around you in them, or even parts of your own personality.
Each moment, each discovery of each of he sisters is lived closely, as ifyou were feeling the same thing. And here,  think I must say, that the part where they are young is narrated by Moira and the "After Maeve" is narrated by herself or by an external narrator, some parts are not very clear, meaning you have everyone's point of view.
I'll stop here, because this review is huge, but I'll leave the invitation, as Therese has left before.... Let's make this book a bestseller! Because it deserves it.

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