October 03, 2011

Results - 100 followers and 1 year blogoversary Giveaway

Hello everyone!

Numbers are out. We had nearly 50 participants, which is pretty big considering I had only 90 follower when I started the giveaway and a total of 183 numbers to draw.

First draw is for the Brazilian-Only prize, Sétimo by André Vianco.
And the winner is....

#93 Rolinka Nuse!

Second draw is for "The last will of Moira Leahy" a wonderful drama and beautiful book.

And the winner is...

#110 - Emily L.

And there are still two swag packs to give away...
The winners are...

#165 Laura H.
#173 Nick H.

Congratulations to all! \o/

But. I have a warning to make - our post offices are on strike (yes I know, awful) and international deliveries would take 40 days if they weren't, so you can expect the prizes for.. Erm. Christmas.

Winners -  I will be contacting you to get your address data.

To everyone else, don't feel down, we will have several other giveaways, soon :)