January 08, 2011

Review: Being With Him - Jessica Inclán

Hey there guys!
Been a while since I posted something really book-ish, so there we go!
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Jessica was a doll, not only by offering 10 books fo a giveaway but she also sent me a paperback copy of her latest Mass Market book, Being With Him**.
Being with him is a lovely sci fi romance, and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not much for lovey dovey romances, that show a couple just sooo in love that they can't see anything, they can't find flaws on eachother, they can't be funny or disagree. It's just annoying. And sci fi is one of my favorite genders, one that I haven't read in a while - at least no good books - so this was very refreshing and I ate it up, as quick as possible.

Mila is an upper class, young girl who dropped her job on finances to paint. Which drives her mothe crazy, why can't she get married, why can't she "settle" "like a normal person". And well, there is a good reason for that, no one knows except for her, but she can shift time forward.
Garrick is a very handsome and successful young man, with more girls than he wants, trying to live through life without a serious romance. A lot like many men around, with a twist: he can move time backwards. He told that to his parents, when he was little and that was a major mistake as he ended up being taken to doctors and forced into electro-therapy and stuff like that.

Mila and Garrick meet and they feel it, something they never felt before: they are for eachother. The are doubles, two parts of a whole. Together they can move in time, wherever they want, and then come back. And they complete eachother, both romanically, sexually and spiritually.
After a while, we find out what the are (and, well, since I already told you it's a sci fi book, I'm pretty sure you kids can guess, right?), where the came from and why. We find out who the baddies are and why they want Garrick and Mila, but not only them, everyone like them. All of the Doubles, those with powers so grand they can scare off higher and most developed civilizations into separating them and putting them into some sort of induced coma.
I actually think Porter is my favorite character. He's snarky, sarcastic and he grumbles. But, like Garrick does, sometimes I like him - he's not all cheesy, his relationship with Stephanie is strange for Doubles... I'd like to read more about those two.
In the end, nothing is decided, but everything is decided... It's strange actually. Mila and Garrick will stay together and that's pretty much what matters for them, and I think I know something about Mila's brother's role, but they still have to figure out where are the other "Abandoned Ones" and where they will go to from now. I do not agree they should go to Earth or anywhere else that has people already. Come on, with all those powers, they can most definitly build something fom scratch in a few days! Oh yeah and the bad guys? Totally creepy.
Sure the love-making could be a bit more.. hm... long and described instead of so often, but hey, I'm not one to complain. And Mila ad Garrick sort of annoy me sometimes with their "OMG I'll be alone" thing, but it IS understandable, with the Doubles thing and all.

Overall..... When will #2 be published? *big grin*

EditIntimate Beings, (Book #2) and The Beautiful Being (Book #3) are published already. Book #3 tells the story of Mila's brother Edan while Book #2 introduces new characters, Claire and Darl.**

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