December 16, 2010

10 books giveaway!

Hello hello everyone!
How are you doing? I have AMAZING news for you! Amazing author Jessica Barksdale Inclan has agreed to give 10 of her indie books (digital copies) away! And it's up to you to choose! \o/
She has published 7 already, and you can find them at Smashwords (clicking HERE and scrolling down where it says BOOKS).

Your choices are:

Annabelle Cousins loves being a wedding photographer. But around the time of her own engagement, she starts to see the future of the couples through the lens. With the help from her Tarot card reading mother and her best friend, she seeks out the truth behind what she sees. After meeting the couple Robert and Nadine she discovers that the life she has might not be the one she wants after all.

In a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by war, Talaith and Kaherdin meet–at opposite sides of the battlefield. Her people possess the magic that could save his people's lives. And his shapeshifter pack is not afraid to kill for the elixir which has been withheld for so long. As their world erupts in battle they must find a way to bring unite their people before both sides are destroyed. 

Gareth and Steve go to the same high school, live in the same town, and couldn't be more different. They've grown up in different families with different values and religions. But one night, they find themselves attracted to each other—and let go of everything they've been taught about love. Readers witness the story unfold for both these families as the boys grapple with life and love.

Thanksgiving: A time for thanks. A time for joy. A time for laughter. But not at the Flynn table. There's a sibling rivalry, disappointment and heartbreak, and the love that brings the family together year after year. Told from the perspective of those invited, this novel follows two families who gather round a table and fake the thanks.  

Not ready to choose between divorce or returning to married life, a forty-something college English teacher finds herself on a ridiculous, and potentially dangerous quest for self-discovery. Roya's only companions are the different aspects of her personality. Determined to rescue her father's ashes, she revisits the people who led her to where she is now to find who she is meant to be.  

 Born and bred with magic in their blood, two sisters struggle with love, loss, and betrayal. Only by pulling everything apart do they find that they are truly free, truly happy, truly living the lives they want. And when magic gets thrown into the fray…all involved learn to believe in the impossible.
Becca Muchmore opens her own bakery catering to a busy office's sugar cravings. Not only is she finally exploring her passion, but she's meeting people who give her a fresh taste of life: Jennifer, the bitter queen bee lawyer. Jeff, the delicious office hunk. And her sweet, always-willing-to-lend-a-hand neighbor, Sal. Suddenly, she gets more than she bargained for-and just what she needs. 

You can visit for more information on Jessica and her books (including her e-books and mass market books).
And, by the way, have you read her amazing post on why she went Indie? No? HERE, go now.

Now, to the giveaway, right?

It will run from December 16th, 2010 until January 12th, 2011 (because I'm going away soon, and won' be back until fist week o january and things will be chaotic and such things)
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Please fill in the form and GOOD LUCK!