September 27, 2010

In My Mailbox

Ok, not really. You see, I got these books the past 2 weeks, but I figured I could come and show them all at once, right? Right. :)

 Eras - Stephen Play
A journey through human kind's history, mix with religion, philosophy and sci fi. Couldn't find an oficial summary in English, so that's what I say it's about (based on brazilian summary). It seems to be a brazilian author, even though his name sounds american... Is on the TBR pile.

Genesys Secret - Tom Knox
Summary from Goodreads: In this epic thriller, a secret with shocking consequences is buried deep in the Middle Eastern desert
A debut thriller of spectacular sweep and brilliant turns, The Genesis Secret is sure to keep fans of Douglas Preston, Kate Mosse, and Raymond Khoury reading through the night.
So, a Dan Brown-like Thriller. Lovely differently from my latest reads :D

Receive me Falling - Erika Robuck

I already read this one and it's a LOVELY book, historical fiction of a slave-driven sugar cane plantation. I loved it and read it pretty fast, which is always a good sign hehe

It was signed and the writer is a cutie, she was very nice and answered my emails and all...

Review coming soon :)

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick

I basically ATE that book. From the moment it got here until I was done, I couldn't stop (it was hard to work a whole day without reading it aside from lunch hour).
You know this one, right? Hush, hush's waited sequel, I got an ARC on a giveaway at Kid Lit Frenzy and it got here in 20 days, record time, before  it was released!
Patch is hot, but a jerk. What can I say... But Nora is less stupid on this one - review coming soon too.

And 2 more arrived today and another arriving still this week, but I will show those next week ;)