September 23, 2010

Brazilian Thursday - Esmera by A. P. Ribeiro

I'm really excited that my Crescendo ARC just got here yesterday and I am already past half of the book, so I will just leave you with a brazilian book review.


It's been a while since I read a fantasy book so passionate, but with no romance. Because romance's been becoming kind of cliche, everyone has a perfect love, a doubtless love, a hurtful passion, it kind of gets in my nerves.
Esmera is about a person's love to their friends and family, both blood family as love family. It's passionate and I almost set out screaming "For Esmera!"

And also... I need a sequel. I cry, ask and beg! We can't leave the story to end like that, that's no ending!

Ok, to the book! Esmera is a book by A. P. Ribeiro, a brazilian author, and it's about an orphan, Annie (Anika) who finds out she's the princess descendant of a kingdom at a parallel universe, ruled by her uncle, an extremelly violent and tyran emperor.

As we go through the pages, we're introduced to this world and the friends Anika makes in that world - and to her enemies  too. The world is fascinating and has the potential to be a Middle-Earth (Tolkien), but it needs, well, many more pages!
The book is short, only 168 pages (by the way, if you're like me and likes to read the final page before starting the book, trust me, DON'T!!), but it's captivating and heartwarming, you laugh and cry every turn of the situation and the author can juggle the point of view os several characters, changing often, so we can understand the whole story and it's consequences.

The characters shift, change and evolve during the book, some emotions blossom, as I said before, there is no specific romantic love, but you can feel the emotion between some of the characters and you know there is some sort of romance there (get it why I need a sequel?)

After all that, do I still have to say I adored it? I loved it! But, I'll say it again - it could be longer. Could be much longer, actually, when I put my hands on a sequel, that's when I'll be calmer. I need more! More Anika, more Erick, more Dante, more Iriard, more Katerine and, above all, more Pietro. Even more Abigor and Ariana - Abigor for something obvious (no spoilers!) and Ariana because, well, because she has an interesting personality and very little was talked about that in the book.

Summing up, it's a wonderful book, by a brazilian author with much pottential to, at least, one sequel. Read it, it's worth it!