September 10, 2010

International Giveaways (2)

I'm glad I couldn't post this on wednesday, because this way I can replace the Blog Hop I won't be able to do with...BlogFest!

What a wonderful timing - tomorrow (september 11th) is my birthday, so I will be able to let you all know of these wonderful BlogFest Giveaways!

I recommend you to use the Tracking Site, but either way I set a list of international giveaways (ones I'm participating, actually) for you my friends!
What is this Tracking Site?

This is a site designed by me and developed by my live-in IT guru at  You simply need to register with a valid email (more about why it needs to be valid in a moment) and then start tracking your progress.  You can click through to blogs from this site and once you've visited a site, you can come back and check off that you've visited the blog.  Want to compete with your friends?  When you register, click the option to make your list public and everyone will get to see how many blogs your display name has visited. 
ALL of those giveaways end on SEPTEMBER 12TH.

- US$ 15,00 credit on Book Depository at Book Junkies
- A hardcover copy of Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins and several other goodies at A Blog About Nothing
- US$ 15,00 credit on Book Depository - A Little Bookish
- One Book Depository book + one signed Richelle Mead book at A Journey of Books
- One book (and another one for every +150 followers) at A Moment with Mystee
- US$ 30 to 40 credit on Book Depository at A Thousand Books With Quotes
- £15,00 credit for the Book Depository at About Happy Books
- 1 out fo 5 books at Among the Muses (warning! 18+ only)
- Spy Glass by Maria V. Snyder and Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia, plus a Summer Court Bracelet and several bookmarks at An Avid Reader's Musings
- A "By Me" box (18+ only please!!) at Authors by Authors
- 3 out of several books to choose at Baba's Farm Life
- 2 BOXES of books at Bitten by Paranormal Romances
- A pack of goodies at Book Bookie
- US$ 20,00 credit on Book Depository at Book Lover Carol
- 3 choices of "packs" at Book of Secrets
The Hunger Games Trilogy(YA) or any book in Millennium Trilogy(Adult) at Bookish Delights