August 23, 2010


So, my birthday is on September 11th - I know, very sad day for americans and lots of people around the world, but I swear it ISN'T my fault, I was born in 1987 and I knew nothing about 2001.
As I was saying, it is my birthday soon and, since The Book Depository started shipping FREE to Brazil I figured it was TIME! It was time to check preorders and buy books! They might only get here next year, but if I sit and wait for brazilian publishers, it might take another 3 or 4 years. So I'll still read sooner than expected.

I present you some of my WANTED books! (in no set order)

Runaway (Airhead #3) - Meg Cabot

I read Airhead as a courtesy of the Brazilian Publisher "Galera Record", and read Airhead #2 online, on an ebook. But I want to OWN Runaway, since it's much easier to read...
Airhead was really cool and Being Nikki was not as cool, but the end was definitly steaming hot and with such a cliffhanger that I REALLY need Runaway.

The White Queen / The Red Queen - Philippa Gregory

I read some book reviews about the Red Queen and, even though The White Queen sounded better than The Red Queen, I want both! Also, lots of others by Philippa Gregory.

I love England history. Really. I can't tell one period from another, but I love the queens and princesses - specially the women, not the kings, since it was usually easy for them...

Philippa Gregory seems to be great at describing those and, specially, the period that I like the most, Queen Elizabeth I, Ana Boleyin and all that part of the story that I love so much - women in power - gotta love that.

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick

I read Hush, Hush last July. I need Crescendo. Really bad. I hate reading unfinished series, because I keep stressing over the rest of it!

Even though Hush Hush wasn't THAT big deal, the whole plot was pretty much predictable - ok, not 100%, but it wasn't a major "OH WOW, REALLY?" - Patch... Oh Patch.. I need more Patch, you know? I neeeeed more Patch.

Also, a few series I didn't even begin with, yet:

- The Immortals - Alison Noel;
- Sookie Stackhouse Series;
- Linger + Shiver
- Fallen + Torment
- Iron Fey series (Iron King and Iron Daughter, so far);
- The Hunger Games;
- Wicked Lovely Series

As you can see, I read a lot, but I have a LOT to read. And that's probably an understatement, now that I joined this Book Blog world, I keep finding more and more books that I really want.
I'll try to talk a bit about some books I want every week, not only for you, but mostly for myself ;)