August 19, 2010

Arcs! Lots of ARCS!

Ok, I told myself I wouldn't do this but, you know, there's this girl and she has a blog and she has this AMAZING giveaway for lots of arcs - ok, just one, but you get to choose, so it's a lot.
And she sounds oh so awesome. So ok,I decided to post, ok? Don't JUDGE MEEEE ;_;

This is her link

I decided to try hard cause I'm one of the people she says are crazy on her book, since I didn't read Beautiful Creatures. But that's cause it wasn't released here yet!! I think anyways.

Also, I would like to thank Sara for opening it internationally, since that's SO cool cause I can participate ;)

So I'm not sure what to say here, so I'll just leave you people to go to Sara's blog and read and participate! Good luck!