August 25, 2010

Two Questions

See, I was sitting here, staring at my blog, wondering... What do you post when you got no review to post?
This book I'm reading... Looks like I'm going to take a couple of weeks to finish, so, what do I blog in between? Sure, I can use some memes, like the Blog Hop, but I won't be doing JUST that, since that's kinda boring, right?
So what do YOU post when you don't have a review or what do you do when a book is dragging along and you can't seem to get it over with - meaning it's slow, you read and read and seems like you read a lot but it's only been 10 pages?

And my second question is... I have a brazilian book to give away. It's a lovely book, by a lovely brazilian author - a great vampire - horror - like book, from back in 2003, when vampires were scary and mean and not shiny and romantic. But it's in portuguese. Do you people think it would be of any use for me to host a giveaway with that as a prize or just host that on the brazilian blog I participate in, so, you know, people who actually know the language participate in? Not that they can't, here, I just thought it'd be a nice thing for a "little hand" to get me some readers and so that foreigners could meet this awesome author...
Any thoughts? Any opinions?

Thank you!