April 25, 2011

Review: The Round Bed of Maria Beatriz - Chantal Dalmass (Maria Beatriz)

WARNING: This is a book of EROTIC SHORT STORIES. If you aren’t allowed to read those things legally, please DO NOT read my review, I will not be held responsible for people who are too delicate or not legal to read those subjects.

Chantal Dalmass saved her books from the fire. Literally. The Publisher decided they weren’t selling well enough and instead of trying to promote them or even give them to those who might appreciate it, they decided to burn them, aparently it was cheaper.
The author rescued them and decided to give them away. I’m glad she did, since I managed to meet some of the most interesting erotic stories I ever read. They weren’t cheap, even though they were explicit. And I also found the most beautiful quote about love, there. Below is a free translation of it:

Some people get scared by my resistance to the sacred bonds of matrimony.
Well, love is where it always was: on the caress, the respect, the concern with the other, missing someone.
Love is on the sandwiche at the late hours – bread with cheese and ham and tomato and kisses, plus some spices – to kill the sudden hunger of the girlfriend. Love after love.
It’s on the unespected phone call, the note, the flower picked on the bush by the sidewalk.
On the street it is, too, on the arm that offers help, on the care to avoid the cars stopped on the pedestrian crossing.
Love is on the free and spontaneous will.
And passion.
Passion that eats and burns, destroy withtout asking for permission and doesn't care about the Priest's advice.
On sex.
On the most animal of instincts love is. Urgent, primitive, on the wild shag. On the cum, on the gush, on the nails buried on the other's flesh.
Love can be there, among tulles and gold rings.
Love, passion, sex.
Yes they can be there.
Or not.
Many times, they never were.
The round bed of Maria Beatriz is supposed to be about one woman, her fetishes, her desires, her lovers - all of her favorites! She's dirty and kinky and I can't possibly tell any of it without revealing some of my own - something I will definitly NOT do here. Really, not going to happen.
Maria Beatriz is what many women only desire to be, on their most intimate and secret wishes - free, liberal, sexy, sensual. She has sex when, where and with whom she wants, as often as she wants and no one stops her, actually, that would only turn her on.
I don't think I ever read a short stories book and this one really got me, it is exciting and short, beautiful and sexy, romantic and cruel.

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