April 12, 2011

BookTrailer - The Chosen by Shay Fabbro

 Hi guys!

I bring to you today the book trailer of a sci fi book called The Chosen, by Shay Fabbro.
From AmazonThe Mekan hoard threatens all life in the galaxy and only the Chosen, a select group chosen by fate, can fight these metal monstrosities and save those that call this galaxy home. But when one of the Chosen is murdered, the untimely death could spell doom for all.
The Mekans were created to mine for precious resources. However, something goes terribly awry when they dig uncontrollably, destroying all life on the planet. The Masters of Gentra, keepers of the prophecy, send Guardians to guide and protect the Chosen, who hail from four very different worlds. When the Guardians reveal to the Chosen their role in saving the galaxy, their lives are cast into turmoil. The death of one of the Chosen renders the Gentran prophets blind to the future. The Gentran Masters are not certain the Chosen can fight the Mekans without the help of prophecy.
The Chosen are not certain they can simply sit by while the Mekans destroy their worlds.
This series will bring the reader face-to-face with an age-old question: How much of our lives are preordained and how much of our future do we determine for ourselves? Do you believe in fate and destiny or do you believe that your life is what you choose it to be?

The Chosen can be purchased through Smashwords AmazonCreateSpace, andBarnes and Noble. Autographed copies are available through Signed By the Author!