April 06, 2011

Review: Gulfoss Legends - Billy Bob Buttons

Hi there!
Today I'm reviewing a genre I don't usually read, it's a middle grade book, based on an Icelandic story.

It tells the story of Sigridür Tómasdóttir, a 12 year old girl who flees her father's farm to talk to the king and try to save her beloved waterfall, Gulfoss.

The author had the help of Professor of History Helgi Skúli Kjartansson to recriate the legend, even if it isn't followed exactly, since Sigri was around 30, not 12, years old when she went into her adventure to save Gulfoss.

Sigri, as she is called all during the story, is an emotional 12 year old girl who loves her waterfalls, Gulfoss. When she finds out her dad is going to sell it to the energy company, who will put a damp on it, because he needs more money to support his two daughters, she complains and goes against it - how can he sell her beloved waterfall?

She then gets the idea, from the waterfall, actually, that she should go see the king and ask him to help her save Gulfoss, but she doesn't know exactly where the city is, and just walks there. All 120 kms.

She meets, along the way, a man who travelled around the world, a boy with a kind heart, a wolf-man, geisers, a volcano, thiefs, murderers and, of course, the king.

See the picture here? Beautiful isn't it?
The Gulfoss Falls are amazing and I totally agree with Sigri, they are worth saving. The story is full of magic and Icelandic - words, foods, landscape, traditions. It's a tale about a land and a people we don't hear much about and it's real, at least as real as it gets. It's a tale of love and friendship, with some funny bits and beautiful illustrations.

Billy Bob Buttons is a great author who manages to write well for children and amazes and enchants grown ups as much as the little ones. Don't hesitate in buying this for your little ones or for yourself.

You can buy it here: Smashwords, Amazon (Hardcover or Kindle) or Book Depository with free shipping worldwide.