January 30, 2011

Review: Servant of the Lich by Chris Wilmsmeyer

Hi guys!
I'm not even going to say anything about the fact that I've been missing. Sorry, was a kind of block...

SERVANT OF THE LICH - Chris Wilmsmeyer

I got this book directly from the author on an e-book form. This was before I decided to cut off completelly on ebooks, since I can't seem to read them on a timely manner - takes me twice the time of a paper book, because of eye-sight and computer time issues.

SoTL caught my eye because of the name of the land, Andora, which is the same for a few Fantasy-like and RPG-based books. So I knew I'd like it, it had those common elements I just love - magic, undead, vampires (the badass kind), elven people, more undead badass people, dwarves... All that stuff.

Hannibal (I know.) is a mage, a necromancer actually, and a servant of the Lich who wishes to conquer the world, even though Hannibal only wants to live peacefully with his love Elanor. The Lich is creepy, as a Lich must be, and has all those "conquer the world" thing, as usual.
The descriptions of the Necropole, the Lich's city, are vivid and pretty creepy aswell - stay away from it, it says, and I definitly wouldn't want to be there.

The story isn't much complicated, but with the amount of main characters - at least 6 or 7 - it gets complicated to tell a story from many sides. We have Hannibal, on the side of the baddies, but we can't help but to cheer and hope that he doesn't do anything TOO bad, and gets his love in the end. Faelar Illistyn and his daughter Taeles, elves, Greygor and Beodin, Faelar's companions, Dwarf and human raised by priests. Also Aaron, a halfling sort of a thief, gambling addict, but a good guy, friend of them all... Those are the ones whose story is told, but there is also the misterious man at the beggining of the book (Knotus) - we know he's a major demon creature, but not much is revealed about him-, the Lich himself, Arvol and Nevira, also servants of the Lich and several secondary characters who influence the story a lot.
See, Lich. Bad. And creepy.

Heroes and villains get mixed up on this fantastic story, where no one is 100% good or bad, they all have their reasons, though. Ok, the Lich is 100% bad. but's just because he's been alive (or kind of) for a thousand years or so... He kind of lost it in the meantime.

This book is part of a series, so of course, not everything is finished and explained, but the main plot is and a few characters get their "finale" and won't be around on next books, at least as it seems. The author said this is a Quintet and "if I can't write 5 books, it'll make me look real bad".

I really enjoyed it, it does NOT have a romantic part, except for Hannibal and his wife, but then again, she's already his wife, so it's not one of those "main characters fall in love thing" but it reminds me more of the sorts of Lord of the Rings, where some characters have their romantic interests but it doesn't REALLY has much to do with the story - and I like it.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed the mix of undead, religious and human plots... Also the dragon. Oh yeah undead dragons! Creepy things are sort of my thing ;)

You can buy both the e-book or the paperback version directly with the author: BUY HERE or at Amazon, HERE.