Review Policy

APRIL, 22nd, 2014 - Blog is closed, Review requests are too. Sorry. I know indie writers look to these blogs for reviews and I wish I could help, but I can't.

Hello there!

I never thought I would need this, but I figured it would be best of if I did this earlier than later.
I have a review policy - I am officially a grown blogger.

As of August 2012 I have officially changed my Review Policy.

- I do review e-books now. However, I am much more picky with them. With paper books I will read almost any sort of book, almost any genre (save the ones listed further down), but with E-books I will only pick what really makes me think "OMG I NEED TO READ THAT" since there are SO MANY of them and SO MANY of you out there, that if I accept everything, I won't be able to read it all before I die.

- For that reason, I am shutting down the Unread Interview Project.

- I have no issues with indie authors. Some of my favorites are indie, the relationship between reader/blogger and author is much closer and interesting.

- I review all genres of fiction (except for the very small list on the next item) that I can get my hands on, but my favorites are fantasy (high fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, everything), sci fi and historical fiction (anything based on history is awesome). My least favorites are drama and non-fiction. I do review those as well,  but there might be a higher chance of a "loving" review if it is the first ones. I am a bookworm, though, and am willing to try every genre presented to me.

- I do NOT read Self help or highly religious books (christian fiction). I do NOT read non-fiction (unless it's criticism on religious cults). Books that talk about religions, discuss it or try to make a small religious moral by the end are ok, but a book that is Christian-religion-centric is not - there must be a plot, characters and all well developed that is NOT centered around religion. For some idea of what is ok, read my review of The Job. That one was good. Also, other religions are usually ok, I am very interested in studying other religions.

- It may take up to a month for me to answer your review request. I know, too long. I swear it isn't that I am ignoring you, everyone has to wait, I just don't have as much time as I want to, to reply and all, so I just answer them all at once. I try to concentrate my time on blogging (and not even THAT is working as it should).

Anything else I didn't cover here or even to discuss any of these guidelines, please, feel free to email me.