June 04, 2011

Review: The Job - Craig Davis


I'm not a fan of Christian Fiction. At all. Religion is a sore spot for me, so I tend to stay away from the subject, when possible.

I received this book, called The Job, which seemed like a very interesting and funny book, and it is! But it is also Christian. I wouldn't really have thought it, if I didn't read the back, where it mentions the author is Christian and has several reviews by specialized groups/blogs/sites.

51 VmhdUBgLThat being said, I enjoyed the book, a lot. The Job is a tale, something that is bound to have happened somewhere (right?), where Joe B., an ordinary man, with a great performance at work and a lovely family, shows up to work one day and he has a memo: he’s been demoted to the mailroom. He’s devastated – there must be something wrong, he’s worked for years to this company, leaving his family aside, sometimes, just to do his work right and now the Big Boss just demotes him, with no explanation.
He was the victim of a very jealous co-worker, we get told that right at the beginning, we know who set him up – he didn’t do anything wrong, but his success made him a hated person, jealousy is a bitch (excuse my language).
The book is funny and witty, as we read along, we understand more of Joe B.’s life, how he doesn’t have real friends, some co-workers who don’t really care about him and actually give him pretty crappy advice. He thinks the only way to find out what happened is to talk to the actual Big Boss, but he can’t seem to get an audience with him, he’s just another worker and has no privileges to talk to “The Man”.

I can see the Christian connotation here, Big Boss is God, and even if we don’t understand things, he has a reason for things to happen and sometimes we are not punished because of something we did, but for things we simply can’t understand because our view is limited.
I’m not Christian, but I understand. I also agree with the idea of the book, as everyone should, simply exchanging “God” or “The Big Boss” with concepts such as karma, laws of physics, etc.
I guess this is another one of those books where we just can’t let our prejudice take us away. I loved the book, the funny parts were really funny, the smart parts were quite smart. I do not like morals very much, I admit it, but I think the book shows a great message for everyone, not just Christians, on how life is too complicated and we can only consider and try to make sense of it with our limited vision.
I highly recommend The Job either as a light, fun, read or as a deep reflection of human race and religious convictions – that is up to you to decide.

You can buy The Job on Amazon – Kindle Edition or Paperback.