January 08, 2013

Review: The Blasphemy Tour - Jass Richards

Jass Richards has done it again. As I tell anyone who wants to listen, Jass is a comedy genius, she writes the funniest books and always writes the most believable unbelievable characters and scenes. 

On The Blasphemy Tour, we meet Rev and Dylan, Canadian atheists and thinkers, who travel to the USA after being arrested for vandalizing a Christian billboard (with a quote from the Bible, nothing less: “‘Blessed are they that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stone.’ Psalms 137:9”) at the expenses and invite of the Atheist Consortium to give talks... On religious schools and universities.

I knew this book was a winner when, right at the American border, they manage to get their car disassembled for using the word bomb. Also, when a K9 unit dog kind of eats their special brownies... And dances the Thriller. No, really. When a dog does the Thriller, one simply knows the comedy is assured.

Rev and Dylan are not your ordinary guy and girl protagonists with sexual tension and a romantic interest, at all. They both defy gender roles and they are so smart and opinionated, it's both funny and made to think at the same time. They tour around the USA, on their lime green bus that says "There are no gods. Deal with it." and ends up having to be re-painted often (always sponsored by friendly atheist car paint shops), gather both a friendly group of, well, groupies and a decent amount of threats.
I wanted to give you some quotes from the book, but unfortunately, when I changed my ebook reading software (from Kindle app to something MUCH lighter for my phone), I lost the markings and now I don't have any quotes :(

While The Blasphemy Tour is hilarious, there is the thinking factor. Having recently re-discovered my political and social beliefs, it was very interesting to have the characters discussing them openly and I saw myself nodding almost all through the book. The only thing I disliked was the heavy use of drugs, where I just don't like them or anything that clouds your mind, your judgement. But it's not that big deal, anyways.

One of the scenes that stuck with me the most is when they go to jail... Because they were all dirty (fished XD) they toss themselves at a fountain and Rev takes off her shirt. The cops try to arrest her, but Dylan goes with her, since they were both shirtless and, as it is mentioned later, Rev has had a double mastectomy and has no, well, boobs, making them pretty much the same. The funny part is when they try to make the cops say WHY her bare chest is obscene and his isn't, specially when they lift their shirts to show that they are the same - minus nipples, he has nipples, she doesn't. Either way, think about it! :)

Overall, I highly recommend anything by Jass, specially this one book, which is full of comedy gold and food for thought.

You can buy The Blasphemy Tour on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.
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