January 07, 2013


Hello there peoples!


I finally graduated, for those curious, I now have a degree in Marketing.
This is me, graduated. Ignore the watermark
After a whole semester of insane no-time, working on my thesis and working on my graduation process, aside from the end-of-year craze, I got very well deserved two weeks vacations, where I decided to become completelly offline. Remind me, please, NEVER to do that again. I had severe withdrawal issues lol
One week is fine, two, not so much.

So I'm back. I've read 4 books during the two weeks and several more before that, so I'll have plenty of reviews to deliver.

To you, my friends, the authors, I promise you, your books were not lost, I have read them and the review will be published, I just got a bit... Busy.

Lots of love,