August 02, 2012

Review - Silent Partner - Jennifer Chase

Silent Partner by Jennifer Chase is a police book, about a K9 (canine) officer (Jack Davis) and his loyal partner - a dog, of course.

When you read Silent Partner, it looks more like some ordinary Law and Order episode, but with a bit more of a background, since we hear more about the officer and we get to see some different Point of Views.

It's taken me months to finish this review, because I'm not quite sure what to tell without spoiling, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it either.

I wasn't very much into the book at first, specially since the theme appeals more to me as a TV show or movie than a book, but I kept on reading and I don't regret it, since the ending makes a lot of difference. 

I love dogs, my family has had dogs for all of my life and German Sheppards for most of that time, so I'm very attached to large, beautiful police dogs. There are two injured dogs during the book and my heart went with the police officers - they too grow attached to their partners, as if they are humans and, well, sometimes more than humans - and when one of the dogs die, well, I cried a little, I admit it, since I remembered my German Sheppard who died a bit over a year ago. She had diabetes, it wasn't anything "criminal" but it hurts a lot.

What I can say about Silent Partner is that not everyone is what they look to be and not every victim or suspect is such a thing, even if we are reading their minds, they might not even know it themselves.

Megan, suspect of killing her sister and other women, is Jack's childhood friend and former girlfriend, and has suffered a severe trauma which leads her to developing agoraphobia.

Darrell is trying to make some money and all that stand on his way is Megan, so driving her insane or getting her arrested is an interesting idea.

If it wasn't for the ending - which I did not see coming, even with my years of law/police shows, I wouldn't have considered this book so high, but now I must say I liked it very much.

You can buy Silent Partner at Amazon.