August 13, 2012

About Blogging

Well hello there!

You might have noticed that I've been kind of gone and now kind of back? All my... 5 readers or so :)
I'm really convinced of the theory that the less time you have, the more you do, because you end up making the most of your time. That's what's happening to me lately.

I'm doing 5 classes at college (which is the most that someone will do, since that means 5 nights a week) and working all day (8am to 7pm). Aside from that, I maintain 2 and a half blogs, so that's a lot of work.

For a while now, I've let this blog down, poor thing, and I have so many reviews late. Mostly books I've bought or won in giveaways or in gifts, but still they deserve their reviews!

I've also decided to play with the layout, as you can see, I'm using a basic one now. That's because DisqUs wouldn't show the "x comments" thing on my main page with my old layout (which I loved, but just didn't work right!), so I'm trying a new one... But I didn't get to changing the header or, well, anything, just yet.

I'm back to writing reviews, I think my block is over, and I've been reading quite a lot lately, so that's really good, because my list is huge nowadays.

These 5 classes I'm taking are, actually, my last ones. I'm graduating college this year, finally, and then I'm taking at least a year off. I need it, definitely. I will have a few chaotic months near the end of the semester, so I can't promise I'll keep on posting like I am now (I'm aiming at 2 times a week), but I will be posting as often as possible.

So, that's about it. Just wanted to give you some news... And keep on checking back, I'll be posting several new reviews this month :)