February 06, 2011

Blogger To-Do List

So, as a blogger, I kind of fail. No, really. I have issues keeping my blog updated, I have LAZYNESS issues frequently and I have major time issues. Eventually I decide "Ok, let's work on the blog" and realize I can't remember one single thing to do... So I figured that I need a to-do list with all the pending things so I can come and look at it and remember what I have to do! Here we go!!

  • Write the 3 4 5 4 pending reviews I have (Halo, Eras, and the "This will not..." and , Pink Noise and Intimate Beings - the brazilian version-)
  • Translate the reviews I wrote in Portuguese to English
  • Translate the reviews I wrote in English to Portuguese
  • Write interview questions for the "Haven't read" series
  • Finish interview posts for the ones I already sent
  • Copy/translate/adapt reviews for the major sites - Goodreads, BookDepository and Skoob (portuguese Goodreads-like) 
  • Create "Link to me" buttons
  • Create review/section headers
I guess that's it for now >.<

So, what do YOU do to avoid forgetting what you must do or how do you organize your blogging time?

EDIT: List not really working. Just keeps growing -.-