November 09, 2010

In My Mailbox

Hi guys! I know, I'm such a bad bad blogger, but here is my IMM for the past 2 weeks, I put them all together, so they look better... hehe

I got Soulless from Book Lovers Inc. It was a US$ 10 credit at the Book Depository and I couldn't have chosen a best book, look, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Ken Follett's A Place Called Freedom that I found at a used book's store. It's not in perfect condition, but's decent and, well, you don't see many books in English here in Brazil so it's a major find (for like US$ 2,00).
The Three Musketeers  by Alexandre Dumas. A classic, of course. Hopefully it's not an edited, altered version but the original story, since I found at the used book's store I couldn't really ask anyone if they knew...
Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon" is another classic that I managed to find at the used book's store... Hopefully not an edited version.
This is a Goodreads Firstreads win, my first one actually, it's part of the Nebador Series, it's book one, called The Test. Sounds like a good sci fi, been a while since I last read one of those :)