April 15, 2012

Review: Slippery Souls - Sunray Bay Series - Rachael Dixon

Libby is an ordinary girl, with a decently ordinary life, with a crappy boyfriend and a dog.
This one sunny day, she goes out to buy some milk with her dog Rufus, since her crappy boyfriend left her without any milk, she was just deciding that she would leave said crappy boyfriend when she dies. She's hit by a car, rather suspiciously, I might add.
Suddenly, she wakes up in the afterlife and her dog can talk.

She's in Sunray Bay, a little city by the sea, full of dead people.

But the afterlife isn't quite loving and peaceful, something is odd about it. She's left with no clue, no food and no extra clothing other than the one she died in.
Suddenly some creepy guy yells at her for being with a dog, another VERY creepy guy, high on something, keeps staring at her and suddenly, he steals her purse. Great, dead AND without money for icecream!

By then she's irritated and hot, it's very hot at Sunray Bay, and, most of all, confused. She meets Grim, a hot hot HOT Peace & Order Maintenance officer.

Grim is tall, dark and mean. And a jerk. Libby stays away from him but, it seems, they keep bumping into each other and they sort of save each other a few times before deciding that, well, they are both being hunted by people, they might as well try to be alive together-ish. Well, Libby decides, not Grim. He refuses. She's pushy - I love that.

I also love that she admits, clearly, she's in for lust. She's not hopelessly in love with him, he's not her soul mate or the love of her... well, death. He's just too damn hot and she wants a piece of that. Got to love an honest lady.

Sunray Bay isn't a place for your normal dead. Some just slip away, to wherever the other side is. Sunray Bay is sort of like the Purgatory, with monsters and criminals, some being able to redeem themselves and some not.
The real issue on the book is how did Libby ended up there? She's neither a monster nor a criminal. But I won't spoil it for you - it is revealed, of course, eventually.

But why are these people after her? Why are they after Grim? And why do these people do what they do?

As much as this phrase is a cliche, this book is a page turner, quick paced and full of emotion. I like Libby as a strong heroin and, gosh, I love my strong heroins! 

A soulless heroin, since her soul ended up in her dog and that's why he can talk, a fun and loving dog - I'm such a dog person - and a hot hot bad boy, along with some both good and bad monsters (mostly vampires and werewolves, but also ghouls, zombies and those other supernaturals) is a perfect recipe for a succesful book.

Slippery Souls has left a good bunch of questions unanswered, so I'm looking forward to Sunray Bay Series' second book, called The Forgotten Ones.

I recommend to all Urban Fantasy lovers, specially those who like kick ass heroins.

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Also available in paperback from FeedARead and from most online book distributors.