August 28, 2011

100 Followers and 1 Year Blogoversary

Hello guys.

I'm excited.
I'm hyper. My blog is 1 year old (just a little bit more, actually) and just below 100 followers.
Considering how much of a bad bad blogger I am and how much I neglect my poor baby, I feel quite surprise that I got to that much.
Looking back, I have read so many books during this year and I have talked to so many authors that I am much richer by today than ever. Not money-wise, of course. But information-wise, the most important kind of riches you can ever have.

I didn't go around handing out books and asking for followers - even with the handful of giveaways I had, most didn't require my readers to follow the blog and yet they still did.

So I believe a real and great giveaway must take place.
I am a poor worker. It is true. But you deserve, so I am putting up for grabs two books, one for everyone and one for my brazilian readers.

Also, if any author or publisher decides to join in, please do, I would love to have extra prizes for my readers, of course.

I am going to give away "The Last Will of Moira Leahy" by Therese Walsh, for my international readers. (In English)

I am going go give "Sétimo" by André Vianco, for my brazilian readers (In Portuguese).

I am also adding two swag packs for everyone (5 bookmarkers, 1 GoT card, maybe some extra surprise)

If I reach 200 followers, I am adding a copy of Receive me Falling, by Erika Robuck.

Also, this will be one of "those" giveaways. You will be allowed to get extra points for mostly anything, I think for something like this it is useful, for those that want extra entries.
Oh yes. And being a follower, this time, is mandatory. No ofense, I just think it is fair, since it is a "followers" celebrations.

If, by any reason you do not want any of the prizes, please indicate on the correct field on the form.


- Brazilian readers may win any of the prizes (the 2 books or the swag packs).
- International readers may not win the Sétimo book (specially since it is in portuguese).
- You must be a follower to participate.
- All other ways of participating are optional.
- Winners will be drawn using
- The winners will have 72 hours (3 days) to reply to my email with their information or I will draw another winner.

For extra points you can:

- Follow me on Twitter: @MayBookworm
- Advertise about the giveaway (Twitter, Goodreads, your blog, wherever you prefer, up to 3 links)
- Like the blog's page on Facebook
- Add me on Goodreads
- Commenting on this post

This giveaway will run from August 29th to October 1st. (-3 GMT - Brasilia time/Brazil's oficial time)