May 05, 2011

Unread Interview: Tim Marquitz

Please welcome Tim Marquitz, author of Skulls, to today's Unread Interview. But first, a reminder! We have a Giveaway up, for Skulls, Tim Marquitz's book, so please, take your time to click on the banner below and sign in for the giveaway - we have a signed "paper" copy for the USA and 2 digital copies for international readers! (I postponed it until today May 5th, so that's your last chance!)

Now, today's Unread Interview.

Summary by Amazon: Life held little interest for Jacob - until he found death.
Abused and neglected, Jacob's only solace comes when he is alone in the woods or in the arms of his new girlfriend. But when he stumbles across a hidden bunker filled with human skulls, he learns what true suffering is. Drawn to examine the skulls, he finds there is more than just empty blackness behind their lifeless stares. Through their eyes he watches them die.
With every glance, he witnesses another murder, the memories of the dead playing out inside his mind until reality becomes a blur. A primal cruelty awakening, Jacob returns to the morbid comfort of the skulls, over and over again. But when he happens upon a fresh skull, a victim tortured and slain for his amusement alone, he knows his time has come. Face to face with death, Jacob must choose whether to resist the darkness that dwells inside or condemn himself forever, murdering his innocence on the edge of an axe.

Tell us a bit about your book (s).
TM: My most recent release is a crossover young adult horror book, entitled Skulls, released through Damnation Books. It’s about a teenage boy, Jacob, whose life isn’t the best. His mother has left him, his father is an abusive drunk, and his stepmother pretty much ignores him. His father recently moved them to Ruidoso, New Mexico, a touristy town in the middle of the mountains.
The story starts when Jacob stumbles across a hidden bunker filled with human skulls. He’s drawn to examine them and learns they’re all the victim of a serial killer. By staring into the skulls, Jacob is able to watch the death of each through their own eyes.
My first book is part of the Demon Squad series, entitled Armageddon Bound. The main character, Frank “Triggaltheron” Trigg, is the nephew of the Devil. The premise of the world is that God and Lucifer call a truce and leave existence behind to fend for itself. With the leadership of Heaven and Hell gone, the angels and demons are now scrambling to define their lives, suddenly given free will. Overall, the book follows Frank as he struggles to help keep the world safe from the machinations of the supernatural forces turned loose. It’s an action-packed, snarky, and perverse story wrapped up in an Urban/Dark Fantasy package.

Have you ever wanted to be a writer? When did you start writing "seriously"?
TM: I think I’ve always wanted to write, I just didn’t have the proper motivation in life. Around ’95, a buddy of mine showed me a novel he’d written and it kind of helped ignite the passion. I started exploring my ideas and writing stories, but I was still lacking the skill to make them decent. Finally, determined to do it right, I hooked up with a small writing group and they really got me focused.

Do you read much? What kind of books do you usually read?
TM: I try to read all the time, but it doesn’t always happen. I tend to go to bed just a little earlier so I can squeeze in some reading before I fall asleep. I also take my Kindle with me so I can sneak a few pages in here and there.
Much of what I read is horror or fantasy. I’m a huge Clive Barker fan, so I read everything he puts out, as well as Jim Butcher. More recently, I’ve read all the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay, The George RR Martin series, The Song of Ice and Fire, a good bit of Brian Keene, and I’ve just finished off Patrick Rothfuss’ Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear.

What are your favorite or least favorite scenes to write?
TM: I like writing in general, but the more odd, or different a scene, the more I enjoy it. I like being able to stretch my imagination out and create something that isn’t common. While my books tread upon familiar themes, I like being able to twist the idea just enough to make it mine. Any time I can experiment with a visual is when I’m having the most fun writing.

Do you relate more to any of your characters? Why?
TM: I definitely relate to all my characters because they’re all a piece of me, in some small way. That said, I think Frank and I are the closest. He’s basically me without the censors of a polite society. He says what he thinks and doesn’t sugarcoat it or try to dance around people. He just lives his life, the world’s opinion be damned.

Which genre do you feel it would be a challenge to write?
TM: While I believe I could write anything, I imagine romance would be the hardest. As my wife can attest, I don’t know much about the subject. Any romance book I wrote would come across like a Hallmark card on steroids.

What inspires you? And how's your writing environment - music, place, etc.?
TM: I need relative peace and quiet to write. I don’t really need any special place to write, but I can’t have any kind of consistent interruption or I start to lose the immersion that’s necessary to write well. I don’t listen to music either because I find I’m inspired by the mood it creates. The feeling infiltrates my head and starts to influence the direction of my writing, which often runs contrary to what I’m trying to get across.

What would you say about the book - your words, no blurbs! - to convince someone to read your book?
TM: For Skulls, I’d say it was a whirlpool of psychological horror that tries to drag you down into the abyss right along with Jacob.
As for the Demon Squad series, I’d likely say it was an action-packed, roller coaster ride of violence, horror, and perverse snarkiness, with undertones of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.

What are your plans for the future, writing-wise? New books, sequels, publishing deals, etc.
TM: I’m always writing something. Right now, I’m working on a sword and sorcery type book, entitled Witch Bane. I’ve also just recently completed the first book in an epic fantasy series I’m writing, and intend to start sending out queries to agents soon.
As far as publication, I have the second Book in the Demon Squad series coming out on June 1, from Damnation Books, and my YA Horror book, Skulls, was just released, on April 1st of this year.
If you’d like to learn more, you can check out my web site at: htt://

Thank you Tim for your generosity on the giveaway and thank you for your time for the interview! Good luck with your carreer!