October 11, 2010

Review: Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick

Well, whoever follows me on Twitter or here (since I posted it on my IMM) already knows I'm really excited to tell you I won a Crescendo ARC, Hush, Hush's sequel

I read the story in 2 days, but totalling 6 hours so that was almost a personal record, since the book is 420 pages long and English is not my first language.

Crescendo will be released in October 19th, but's already being talked about around the blogosphere for some time now. WARNING, some spoilers of Hush, Hush are inevitable!!

The story starts after the happenings on Hush Hush, around 2 months later, after Patch has gotten his wings back and their relationship is reasonably firm.

Right on the first pages we see Nora's dad being murdered, which happens before Hush, Hush starts. Soon after, we see Nora and Patch (oh Patch) and something weird happens, she says she loves him and he basically runs away - sure, that would drive any woman mad, but as if it wasn't enough, the next day she finds out he went straight to Marcie Millar's house, you know, that rich kid, snob, kind of cheap that bothers Nora for years? Now THAT would drive ANY girl crazy.

Nora and Patch have a fight and she breaks it up, but for some other reasons that if I explain here I'll just end up telling most of the story... Let's just say it answers some of the doubts raised after Hush, Hush.

The book is fast paced and exciting, it just let me a bit down on the plot. Maybe it's me, but I thought it was reasonably predictable. The whole thing reminds a lot of Hush, Hush and I, at least, could guess several things to the very ending. For some reason, and this time I think it's just my instinct, I was quite suspicious of the villain, but in Hush, Hush I also guessed a large part of the story, so I don't think that shouldn't lead someone not to read it.

Patch is exciting and annoying. Exciting cause, you know, Patch. Perfect bad boy. But annoying cause HE DOESN'T FREAKING SPEAK. Gee, if only he'd say a few things, he'd save SO much misery... But of course, if he did speak, there wouldn't be a story to tell, so we'll let that slide ;)

As we can tell by the beggining, some things about Nora's family are revealed, some realities may hurt and even the reason why Marcie picks on Nora for so long is told. Sure more questions are asked than answered, in my opinion, and anyone who read this book will know, for sure, there is a third book in the series, even if Becca didn't announce anything until a bit ago, because no publisher would ever consider publishing this book without planning to publish the third.

I say she didn't finish this with a cliffhanger... As an example, you know soap operas? How they usually wait for the very ending so that the main character walks in into her husband with his mistress and then they cut it, so that everyone just NEEDS to watch it the next day? Yeah, that's kind of how much of a cliffhanger she used to end Crescendo (but nothing to do with husbands and mistresses, it's just to show how much of an expectation, ok?)

I'll say it again, the story IS predictable, except for a few details that, really, there was no hint at all, no one can suspect that. Vee is not AS annoying as Hush Hush, but she doesn't like Patch and doesn't care about hiding it. Nora is much more interesting in Crescendo, despite sometimes where she plays stupid and she's only a bit short of sticking her fingers in her ears and sing "la la la I can't hear you", instead of actually listening to people and, you know, possibly avoid another near-death situation and all.

Several exciting scenes on the book, some quite hot and some fighting! Cat fight!

Despite Nora go all "Bella" sometimes and the fact that I felt some resemblance with New Moon (the parts where Bella decides to get in danger to listen to Edward's voice), Nora can get her head straight and actually feel fear when needed, besides she can think through danger, which makes her a not-so-helpless girl - and I like that.

So, if you liked Hush, Hush, you'll love Crescendo. If you LOVED Hush, Hush, you'll want to kill the author for writing such an ending and if you hated Hush Hush for some parts, you may like Crescendo, I suggest you give it a try.

And now... Who can stand a WHOLE year before Tempest be released in the US (or even more here)? Oh my poor heart...

Review originally published on Sobre Livros.