October 21, 2010

Brazilian Thursday - Wishlist

So, since I feel like I owe you guys, I decided to make a wishlist of brazilian books I want to read but haven't, yet.

Binno Oxz e o Clã de Prata - Fábio Henckel (Binno Oxz and the Silver Clan)

It's set in a world where almost everything was covered in water. Has a language common to videogames and the web, talking about artificial inteligence taking over the world and a computer virus doing much more than sending spam.

It's the first in a trilogy.

Kaori - perfume de vampira - Giulia Moon (Kaori, scent of a vampire)

2 stories, one is set on Japan, during the XV century, where Kaori, a beautiful girl with the scent of seduction works her way across the society. Second story is on the 21st century, in São Paulo, where a guy has a very unusual job: to watch vampires for a misterious research institute. But he suddenly realizes his job is more dangerous than he thought, when he saves a boy from the vampires.
Just the Japan part already had me. Totally looking forward to read this one.

Dragões de Ether - Raphael Draccon (Dragons of Ether)

My fellow blogger Laila already talked about those here, but I didn't read them yet and am DYING to. I mean, really, have you READ what she said? It's like, totally "OMG I WANNA READ IT" matterial. It's so cool, she was quoted on the back of the book, how cool is that? ;)