July 01, 2011

Giveaway! Rats on Strings + Swag Pack!

Hello there!
Welcome to my humble blog. Today I bring you... A Giveaway! (yay)
Today I bring you twoooo prizes! Author Guy James offered a digital copy of Rats on Strings and I'm adding an international Swag Pack!
Yes girls and boys. I still don't have the pictures, since my camera's batteries are dead, but I will try to provide them ASAP and update this post - just be sure, we have some signed and some not, most are brazilian bookmarks, a lovely addition to any collection!

So, the giveaway runs from July 1st to July 22nd and it's INTERNATIONAL. You can go for the book, the swag pack or both, but you can't win both, since that would be a bit depressive for others, don't you think? :)

PS: Summary for Rats on Strings:  
Just as he is in the midst of being dumped by his girlfriend, a miserable New York lawyer is struck by an idea: an idea that he believes might be his escape from the soul-sucking practice of law. He embarks on a quest to fulfill his bizarre vision, and finds himself the unlikely hero of a very strange adventure.