January 14, 2011

10 book giveaway - Results!

Thank you all for participating and helping me promote the giveaway, your support means the world to me!

And the following people will be receiving their Jessica Inclán e-book, as soon as I manage to talk to Jessica, since she is on a very well deserved week-long trip ;)

Gabriel Arruda Burani
Juliana Barbosa Piovani
Lilian Silva
Alisha S.
Todd Wallace
Yasmin Trindade Machado
Thais Ortega
Annanda Sousa
Liêvin Faustino Virginio

Thank you guys, for your love and support, I'm sorry for those that did not win this time, but I plan on hosting a new giveaway soon! :)
Keep an eye here, and you'll know ;)