November 28, 2010

Review: The Cinderella Society – Kay Cassidy

I'm here today to talk about a wonderful, pink and full of Girl Power book called The Cinderella Society. If you have issues with things too pink or too feminist, well, maybe this isn't the place for you, but I promise, I am a person that's totally against "girl stuff" and I loved the book, so I think it's worth at least to read the review, right? ;)
The Cinderella Society tells the story of Jess, who's a person that's constantly moving, because of her father's job, but when her mother gets pregnant of twins, the whole family goes back to her mom's original city, where they plan to stay, for the first time in Jess's life.
Despite the fact that she's a cheerleader, she's not popular at all and very lonely. When she arrives, she joins the Cheerleading Squad and she ends up "stealing" (deserving it, actually) the spot of a popular girl who is particularly mean, called Lexy.
That alone would get us a story, but soon at the begging of the book we're introduced to a Secret Society called The Cinderella Society that puts together the best, most beautiful, brightest and most charitable women of the world, split into local "pieces" that, each, is responsible for protecting the "reggies" or regular people from the "wickeds" or mean people, like, of course, Lexy
Jess spends the whole book thinking she's not worth it. It's a bit annoying, sometimes. And, of course, everything is more complicated, because she is comepltelly in love with Ryan, Lexy's brother (of course, it couldn't be easy, right?), who is REALLY popular and, according to Jess herself, never noticed her.
She goes through a major makeover, not changing who she is, but showing how she, as she is, is beautiful. Actually, that is the big "lesson" the books wants to show - sort of like the Ugly Duckling, you know? That she is beautiful, as she is, and that she's always faithful to whoever she is, not try to be someone else and trust herself - specially trust - and fight for what she believes in, other people will see that in you. But it requires a lot of work and willpower. And a lot of support.
Of course Jess ends up being much more important than the other Cindys, because, afterall, she is the main character! hehe But, you know when you're there, waiting for the story to really start to pick up and when the main character finally starts picking up the "girl power" idea and starts accepting herself and stop pushing herself down, when stuff starts to happen... And the book ends? Yeah.
Anyways, it is a really cute book, super fun and ful of girl power (did I repeat that too much? It's my Spice Girls cover past y'know) ;)  But it leaves you with a sad taste, and makes us want more... 

Hopefully, Cindy on a Mission will be published soon, so I can keep on with the story ;)
Originally published at Sobre Livros