September 16, 2010

Brazilian Thursday - André Vianco

Hey people! Sorry for not writing this week, it seems like I barely had time to eat, let alone blog...
But I couldn't let Brazilian Thursday down! So instead of reading my book (which, by the way, I'm dying to finish and tell you all about it) I'm using my lunch hour to blog :)

I'm here today to talk about André Vianco. He was basically the first brazilian author to be a major hit on brazilian bookstores (not counting on Paulo Coelho, who is considered self help and philosophy, mostly) and, more than anything, with a lovely vampire story. Lovely in a scary-vampire-killing-people sort of way, of course.

It was back in 2002, way before the whole sparkly vampires wave (nothing against them, I actually kind of like the romantic vampire thing, but I really wouldn't want some authors mentioned as "part of the vampire hype"), he released a book called "The Seven" (Os Sete), about seven Portuguese vampires (from Portugal, you know) who were trapped and sealed into wooden caskets and sent to Brazil. Sending trash to Brazil since the 1800's eh? (or 1700's, 1600's, can't remember).

Anyways, they wake up here and we proceed to a nice vampire horror-ish story.

André is a great writer and his books are now widely known in Brazil, he's been on top selling lists and all, he's got over 10 books published in under 10 years... I'm sure he had some of them written before that, but it's quite amazing.

Not all of his books are about vampires, though, he has one "The Lord of the Rain" that is about angels and demons, "Seeds on Ice" that's about some sort of cloning-ish thriller and recently started with some mistery books.

I only read "The Seven", "Seventh" (book #2 on that series) and "The Lord of the Rain", but I am looking foward to reading others, aren't you excited? :)
Probably not, my writing isn't all that inspiring today. But I promise I'll go back to talking about André Vianco sometime soon ;)

Also, he's a lovely guy and would probably respond if you sent him a hi on Twitter @andrevianco . Either that or send a vampire legion after you. You never know.