August 16, 2010

Review: Airhead - Meg Cabot

I confess that when I received the book "Airhead" I was a bit ansious. Meg Cabot was recomended several times to me by my friends, but I've never read anything by her, until now. I'm not a fan of the girlie book style (most chick lits are too girlie to me) and I kept remembering of the "Princess Diary" movie, but Airhead changed my impression about Meg Cabot - and I'll never remember her as a Disney pink movie's author.
Airhead is about a girl, Em Watts, who is not popular at all. She's not pretty and she doesn't want to be. She doesn't try to dress fashionable or put make up on, she avoids any attitude that may make her popular - or living dead, as she says those people are, who just agrees with the system, ignoring any other way of living.
Until the moment when she suffers an accident, that would be fatal, and her brain ends up in the body of a Super Model (Nikki Howard). Now, because of a deal - that saved her life - she must live Nikki's life and adapt to all the many things she never wanted, never seeked for and never understood. Like boys falling in love with her - and many of them.
First thing that caught my attention: Nikki has ALL male attention. She can choose any boy around her and they are all beautiful, rich (but not really smart). I confess I'm not cheering for the person Em/Nikki has her intentions leaning toward.
Second would be, I see a LOT of myself on Em. Because she's a girl that prefers reading, or playing videogames, than going to a party and that doesn't care much about make-up and beauty products, I really remembered myself on some parts, like this:

“Lulu looked at me, horrified.
- Soap? SOAP? You wash your face with SOAP?
- Well, what else can we use on the skin? - I asked"(free translation, since I read/own the book in portuguese)
I ATE the book in 5 hours, it's an easy read, the story really keeps you reading, you really want to know the rest (which, by the way, you'll only know if you read the whole series) and, above all, you want to see Em showing the world that you can, yes, be beautiful ans smart, always with a great sense of humor.

Originally published on Sobre Livros